Põhja-Eesti Metsaühistu

Estonia’s only named forest owners association – Arved Viirlaiu Põhja-Eesti Metsaühistu – was established in 2004, under the leadership of Kalle Põld. It started with thirty people in Kose Rural Municipality, with more and more people joining their ranks, eventually merging with smaller associations from Harju County and Rapla County.

Today, the Põhja-Eesti Metsaühistu has more than 800 members, the majority of whom are forest owners from Harju County and Tallinn.

Põhja-Eesti Metsaühistu piirkonna kaart

Membership in Põhja-Eesti Metsaühistu grows each year

Over the past ten years, membership in the Põhja-Eesti Metsaühistu has grown at a steady pace, with around 50 new forest owners joining each year. To date, more than 800 forest owners have already joined our ranks.
437 members
10 735 ha
506 members
11 798 ha
561 members
12 542 ha
597 members
12 958 ha
655 members
20 495 ha
700 members
20 865 ha
738 members
21 200 ha
782 members
21 600 ha

Join Põhja-Eesti Metsaühistu!

Whether your forest is big or small, by the sea or in a primeval forest – we welcome everyone.
We know Harju and Rapla County and its surroundings the best and know the local characteristics.

7 reasons why You should join Metsaühistu. See also our articles of association (pdf).

Membership fee
Admission fee 0 €
Annual fee 10 € / first year 0 €
For forest holdings of less than 5 ha, the membership fee is €0.

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Download the application form below, fill it in, sign it and send it by post to our office at
Põhja-Eesti Metsaühistu
Pärnu mnt 142
11317 Tallinn

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FSC Certification. Metsaühistu

FSC Certification

Since 16.10.2013, the Central Cooperative of Private Forests has been managing the FSC forest certification.

The FSC certificate ensures that raw materials are separated from non-certified and uncontrolled forest material throughout the supply chain, making it possible to determine the origin of the material and trace it to the final product.

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